Gain control of all training activities across your organisation

People & Process specialise in the delivery of training and consultancy services.

E-Learning for Business

With over 60 courses your staff can complete fully online, there’s no need for your staff to take time off. We will set up a company manager account which allows you to monitor the training and generate reports on how your team are progressing.

We offer a range of blended training for businesses and classroom delivered  QQI Certified training programmes.

Course Content Hosting & Creation

Host your learning materials on our site. We will provide you with a dedicated space  for your staff to view your learning materials.

We can also create and convert your course materials into an engaging video with amazing graphics and animations.

Training Master LMS

Manage all course types and verify completion with this intuitive yet powerful web training application. Easily run reports on who is be trained, on what and when it’s happening. Instantly upload your own employees database & their existing training records.